Driver Mender

  • Product Name: Driver Mender
  • Pricing: $39.95/year
  • Overall Rating: (3.5/5)

Driver Mender is a custom-built driver solution program developed by Driver Mender for home and office users. It helps you to scan computers, identify missing software, drivers and fix driver -associated errors for a healthy computer operating system. Besides the above, Driver Mender provides technical users with extensive tools like OS migration, backup wizards etc. An insight into the Driver Mender Review will help you to decide whether to give the product a try or not! However, Advanced Driver Updater is your first choice to update drivers or recover drivers ultimately.

Advanced Driver Updater

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Salient Features Of Driver Mender

Driver Mender claims to work effectively for users of high to extremely low end computers. Its minimum system requirements are Microsoft Windows Versions-7, XP, NT, Vista, Server Editions 2008 and 2000. The general computer hardware requirements for downloading Driver Mender are 256 MB RAM, 20 GB hard disk space and a 280 Mhz CPU. The product supports the following key features in its program and most of them are good enough to attract the regular computer home and office user -

  • Automatically scans, downloads and installs drivers necessary to suit the specific configuration of the user’s computer.
  • Provides back-up support required by a computer for driver configurations existing in situations deemed necessary.
  • The user gets the benefits of updating and migrating wizards for their individual user suitability.
  • Promptly identifies system driver issues, faults and defects in a computer
  • Improves computer performance and stability by installing compatible drivers required by the operating system
  • Repairs and fixes instantly driver issues detected in computers
  • Installs fresh drivers deemed necessary for computer systems to ensure smooth functioning and operation.




  • The plus-points of Driver Mender are:
  • It not only fixes driver errors and issues but also installs fresh driver for the smooth functioning of computers
  • It is very easy to download and install in any computer that has either an old or new hardware.
  • Switching between users is an added benefit
  • Has a high degree of safety and security functionality
  • Round the clock technical support and a 30 day back guarantee



The minus-point  is Driver Mender is not free software and there are no trial versions available. The current market price is around $30 however it is affordable enough for most home and office based computer users.


Driver Mender is worth buying as it provides us with driver support features and benefits intended to boost the performance of old and new computers used in homes and offices. It has the ability to identify and fix driver issues promptly. The kit is reasonably priced and helps us to upgrade and maintain the smooth functioning of computer operating systems. The program is easy to download, install and works with all computers. Its additional round the clock technical support and 30-day back guarantee are good reasons worth enough to give it a try for maintaining the health and smooth functioning of our computers!

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